MEN S/S 19


Maiden Noir's S/S19 Collection entitled 'Jardim de Flor' takes inspiration from aspects of Roberto Burle Marx's practice as an artist, activist and one of the most influential landscape architects of the mid-20th century. The seasonal offering also weaves in subtle influences from the gauchos of the pampas from this period. As a painter and plant collector, Roberto Burle Marx fused these two passions in the art of the garden design. In his home of Brazil, Burle Marx established a garden style based on the rich native flora of the surrounding tropical rainforest. Throughout his career he was regarded as the father of modern landscape architecture, while introducing modernism to Brazil. The vibrant contrast of colors found within the S/S19 collection are paired with the use of flowing and modern forms providing a distinct tone. Influences from the gaucho style in contrast to the flora of Burle Marx's work mix and mingle: flowing loose garments are overlaid and mixed with sharp constructed work uniforms. The silhouettes are relaxed and layered with floral prints creating rich textures. The electric color palette is grounded with earth tones to give balance and complexity to the collection.